Astonishing service

I was wandering through Soho looking for a place I could enjoy a drink in the sunshine. I came across a bar that was just setting out tables, so I asked if they’d be free, which was confirmed, so I popped inside to order a drink. I asked for a pint of lime cordial with […]

Mai Thai

I dined at a delightful and exceedingly authentic Thai restaurant that overlooks Parker’s Piece in Cambridge. The evening was sunny, but there was a windy chill, so the park was empty aside for the odd cyclist finding their way home. I started with a mushroom soup which also contained coconut milk, lemongrass and mint. It […]

Testing the Cumberland fish pie

I tested the Cumberland fish pie from the Sainsbury’s “be good to yourself” range.  Its indicators for sugars, calories, fat and saturated fat were all green, and only its salt level came out orange.  Would it be as good as mine?  It contained “tender pieces of salmon and hake in a cheese and parsley sauce […]

Healthy hurry

I was in a hurry to leave for a talk, so I threw together a very quick meal. Fortunately, I had some smoked salmon (pictured) defrosted in the fridge, so that instantly made up the protein section of the meal. In the freezer, I had some sweetcorn, which I put on a plate beside a […]

Colourful chicken risotto

My last risotto was delicious, so I thought I’d make another. I diced an onion and started it cooking on a moderately high heat before adding finely sliced garlic. Then in went some mushrooms, cut into quarters, and finely diced red and green peppers. After a few minutes, the onions were browning and the peppers […]

Brazilian pinot noir

I was about to order a glass of the house red wine in a pub, when I spotted a Brazilian pinot noir, which was selling by the glass.  It was Fortaleza do Seival 2007, with 13 percent alcohol content.  The grapes are grown in the Miolo family’s vineyards at Campanha (Fronteira Region) near the border […]

Ask for salad

It’s not often I go to a restaurant and all anyone present has to eat is a salad, but in this case, it turned out to be a great decision. I enjoyed the Chef’s Salad, which included prosciutto, hard-boiled egg, baby mozzarella, red onion, avocado, tomato, lettuce, olives, artichoke, peppers and cucumber, and my friend […]

Liver, onion, and bacon

I started off by grating a couple of potatoes, squeezing them of water, and shaping into a thin-ish rosti. Into a frying pan on a moderate heat it went; I turned it over after about 15-or-so minutes and gave the other side another 10 minutes. In the mean time I finely sliced an onion and […]

Quick and tasty duck with salad

A real quickie.  I made up a salad of lettuce, small cherry vine tomatoes, spring onion, raw purple onion, pepper, mushroom, crumbled blue cheese, and Caesar dressing.  I had some strips of duck which I flash-fried with only a drop of oil in the pan.  Left over from a barbecue was a mushroom and a […]

Another Anchor afternoon

Having enjoyed it so much in the sunshine yesterday, I decided to return to The Anchor for lunch today (back left of the picture). I chose the salmon and brie fishcakes, which were absolutely delicious, and came with a lightly dressed salad which filled me up with healthy leaves. There was also a sweet chilli […]

Cucumber pasta salad

With the weather being particularly summery of late, I opted to make a light pasta salad full of summery flavours for my lunch. I set some pasta on to boil, and prepared the rest of the salad whilst it cooked. Into my lunch box went a finely sliced spring onion and grated cucumber. The latter […]

Bacon-wrapped mushroom-stuffed chicken

I finely chopped some mushrooms and put them on a boned chicken thigh, folding it up to make a parcel. To hold it together, I wrapped two rashers of applewood smoked bacon around the chicken and put it in the oven at 190C for about 25 minutes. To go with it, I steamed some leeks […]