Sole food

Friday night rolled round again, and fish was what came up. I’d defrosted a fillet of torbay sole in the fridge overnight, and by the time I’d got home from work it was soft and ready to go. First off, I diced a sweet potato and set it boiling for 5-or-so minutes while the oven […]

Goat cheese tower

This was something quite out of the ordinary: a skewered tower of goat cheese (which was deliciously tangy), with roasted red and yellow peppers, and roasted red onion. Alongside was a massive array of different beans within a tomato-based sauce, and there was the usual array of salad things, from which I chose a hard-boiled […]

Duck and vegetables

Straightforward.  Waitrose offered fillet strips of duck which looked ideal for flash frying.  I had vegetable bits and pieces left over, so into my steamer went the string beans and the cabbage, with potatoes added for the last minute of six.  The duck was fried with a smidgeon of oil and turned after a minute […]

I took the Subway

Lunch today was a major variation on the usual theme. There was a selection of different types of bread, to which you could select various different fillings. I chose the bacon, lettuce and tomato, but there were options such as mayonnaise and tuna with sweetcorn, coronation chicken and salami and olives. Then you could select […]

Eggs en cocotte; mushrooms on toast

A saturday breakfast, and I decided to try something a little different. I heated the oven to 180C and cracked eggs into two ramekins that I’d sat on a deep-ish tray. When the kettle had boiled, I poured water in – about half-way up the ramekins. Sadly, one of the ramekins cracked immediately – it […]

Mediterranean chicken panini

Quite a simple and quick lunch: a sandwich in essentials, with a somewhat crustier piece of baguette than usual. The chicken was in big, juicy chunks, not at all dry, and with a slightly spicy sauce around each one. There were also halved black olives, which set off the taste of the chicken and sauce […]

Cream cheese parcel

This was a flaky-pastry dish, made exceedingly crispy on top. Within the parcel was the cream cheese and some cooked red onions. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t goat cheese, but plain dairy. I think there may also have been chives in there, too. Alongside were green beans, sliced and boiled, and I added a small […]

Mackerel fillet

It was half a mackerel, complete with the skin (of which I love the texture), and, strangely, a piece of lemon to go with it. I’d never tried lemon and mackerel before, so on it went. It didn’t work. Hey, ho… Alongside, I had a delicious pickled red cabbage, apple and raisin mixture, and a […]

Quick lunch lamb burger

Another day’s writing, another quick and nourishing lunch.  This time a burger made simply by pressing minced lamb together with the hands and squeezing it into a burger shape, no egg, no flour.  I grilled this from above, letting the fat drop through onto a tray below, and turning several times.  The cabbage I steamed […]

Chegworth Valley Juice

At one of my local haunts, I decided to try out the Apple and Raspberry Juice made by Chegworth Valley. It was very good, although not quite so fruity as I’d imagined it might be, tasting a little weak. I had some ice in it, so perhaps that was a contributory factor. The juice isn’t […]

Roast chicken… leg

The menu promised roast chicken, so I was imagining some kind of carvery operation, but, alas, there was no sign of a whole roast chicken. Instead, there was a deliciously roasted leg of chicken, complete with superbly seasoned skin. Alongside this was the most unusually textured mashed potato that I’ve ever come across, of which […]

Liver for dinner

Another liver dinner, but this with a twist: duck’s liver – now sold by Waitrose. I fried it for a couple of minutes on each side in the usual oil-less pan. Alongside, I served – simply – tenderstem broccoli and swede and carrot mash. There was port and cranberry sauce as a condiment, and a […]