Winemaker’s Seal

This wine is made by the Gallo Family Vineyards and called California White. It’s made from a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, and despite it being only 11.5% (which usually is too weak for a decent flavour), I enjoyed it remarkably. The flavours were apples and pears, and at a stretch, limes on the […]

Flankers’ Tackle

This would’ve been a review of Flankers’ Tackle, but alas ’twas not to be. I was in The Anchor waiting for a friend, and saw a beer I’d not had before: Flankers’ Tackle; I believe it’s from one of the Greene King subsidiaries. I thought it a little bland and disappointing, with a slightly off […]

Urban Spoon and Haozhan

My dining companion was testing a new iPhone application called Urban Spoon (I haven’t downloaded it yet).  You shake your iPhone and it works out where you are and runs through the nearby restaurants.  You can limit the search to things like ‘pizza,’ ‘pub food,’ ‘Italian,’ or Oriental.’  Up popped Haozhan on Gerrard Street.  Neither […]

Blue Cove

I tried a couple of wines from the same winery: Blue Cove from South Africa, Western Cape. Each wine was 13% and from 2006, and although I enjoyed both wines, the Chenin Blanc was better than the Sauvignon Blanc, probably because the South African wineries tend to be a lot better at Chenin, and also […]

Lemon lambs’ liver

It was a quick and satisfying supper: I diced a potato and set it off to boil, later adding carrots, broccolli, green beans, and savoy cabbage to the same water. I chopped the liver into approximately half-inch cubes, and put into a hot frying pan with garlic and rosemary. After the blood started to come […]

Chocolate fountain

Just in case the guests were not getting enough calories at the pancake party, there was a chocolate fountain.  It took some time to get going, with broken pieces of high cocoa chocolate fed into a tray at the bottom.  Eventually there was a smooth continuous flow of chocolate from the top over the curved […]

Pancake party

I was invited to a pancake party.  We all took along wine and stood or sat while pancakes were made.  In the UK these are usually crepes rather than the small thick pancakes favoured in the US.  The pancake chef was very good, and used a proper thick pan, so we had pancakes of the […]

Favourite pancakes

On Shrove Tuesday, aka pancake Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras, people use up all their fats before beginning their Lenten fast.  My favourite pancakes are Crepes Suzette.  You make the pancakes from a basic flour, egg and milk batter, keeping them very thin.  Then you melt butter in a pan and squeeze oranges and lemons into […]

Gin and cranberry

I had gin, but mixers were thin on the ground.  I settled for cranberry juice, or, at least, ‘cranberry juice drink’ which contains all manner of other things, presumably because this is cheaper than squeezing the vitamin-rich pulp of actual berries until the carton is full.  I always dilute stuff like this anyway, not least […]

Chocolate cornflake clusters

It’s not the sort of I think I normally eat, but boxes of chocolate cornflake clusters were on sale in Sainsbury’s, reduced to £1.49 for 18.  I did a quick calculation that they looked quite good value at 8.25p each.  I could eat a few and give the rest away to guests as a post […]

Ham and onion soup

It wasn’t much to look at, so there’s a picture of one of the main ingredients in my soup, a deliciously glazed ham. I started with a large pan of water, to which I added one chicken stock cube and one vegetable stock cube. To this, I added thirty twists of pepper from a slightly inefficient […]

Portents of Spring (and mustard)

I didn’t actual eat any of the crocus petals, but they are making a glorious display, like a shimmering blue carpet behind Trinity College, and in little clusters along the walk at the back of Clare College.  I took a walk there after lunch. What I did eat for lunch was more mixed charcuterie, some […]