Plat du jour

The dish of the day at Le Bistro was pave of rumpsteak in a gorgonzola sauce.  It sounded good, but filling.  I decided against the ‘menu’ which offered a choice of starter as well, and went for just the plat du jour.  I ordered it medium, wanting it pretty rare but not raw, and that’s […]

Seafood on the street

The Trattoria restaurant on Nice’s Rue de France has an eye-catching way of enticing customers.  There’s a street display of fresh seafood outside, with an elderly gentleman on a stool quite happy to sell passers-by oysters and other delicacies.  But of course many people are so captivated that they look at the menu, as I […]

Nice time

I made it to Nice, and was able to get on line with my little Eee-pc, and even to enter this site.  So there may be some posts from here after all.  But no promises.  I am learning how to load photos (more later).  Tonight I ate at Trattoria on Rue de France and ate […]


I think an agrodolce pizza means something like “sour-sweet.”  An agrodolce sauce is made by reducing sweet and sour tastes, such as sugar and balsamic vinegar.  It was the special of the day at Prezzo, so I ordered if after sampling the rather pleasant calamari fritti to begin with.  The pizza was indeed sweet, thanks largely […]

Interrupted service

I’m heading for Nice in the Mediterranean, and don’t know how easy it will be to go on line.  Obviously there’ll be great seafood, and I might be able to report it, but things could be difficult until I return on Saturday. Meanwhile, today I met a friend for lunch at the Mediterranean Kitchen on […]

Bacon, mushroom and scrambled egg

I had one rasher of bacon left, so I cut the fat off, cut it into pieces (scissors are easier than a knife), and microwaved them spread across a small bowl for 25 seconds.  I had one large field mushroom left, so I chopped it and sautéed it in butter, finally adding the bacon pieces.  […]

Goose salad

Hey, what did you expect?  I actually wrapped up most of the leftover goose in pieces of foil for the freezer.  I find it freezes beautifully, without noticeable loss of taste or texture.  But I saved some for wholemeal sandwiches with apple sauce, and some for a final goose salad.  I find cold goose desperately […]

Recycled crumble

I had about half left of some apple and apricot crumble, though it was somewhat dry by now.  One way to use it would have been to add some hot water, cover the top, and microwave it for just over a minute, and serve with fresh custard.  It tends to leave the crumble somewhat soggy.  […]

Steak and mushroom pie

I used prime sirloin steak, too, cutting it up and discarding every vestige of white fat.  It went into a pan with oil to sear the surfaces.  Then I put in the chopped field mushroom.  After a few minutes it went into the pie base, and I put a couple of spoons of gravy in […]

Classics for Christmas

In M&S ‘Classics for Christmas’ range is a top-iced Christmas cake.  I tried it last year for the first time, and was surprised how good it was.  The question is, can it be as good as Aunt Milla’s Christmas cake, which I make every year to a recipe she left behind.  The surprise is that […]

Oregon wine

A friend who recently visited America’s West Coast brought me back a bottle of Oregon pinot noir.  I drank it with my Christmas meal.  It’s Arcane Cellars reserve 2006 from Williamette Valley, and comes in at 14.5 percent.  The label tells me it’s produced from low yield vines on the red volcanic soils at Dundee […]

Untraditional pud

Well, the Christmas pudding was very traditional, a Fortnum’s plum pudding with lots of nuts and fruit.  I steamed it for the requisite hour and a half.  Even the dark rum poured over the top and set fire to was traditional, as was the blue flicker it caused.  What was untraditional was the topping.  No […]