Another day, another quiche

Actually, it’s been quite a long time since I made a quiche, and since I had plenty of bacon I decided to make a fairly traditional quiche Lorraine. The shortcrust pastry had sunflower spread for shortening, plain flour and a heaped spoon of bran. I worked it with a fork until crumbly, then added the […]

Book launch

I’ve sometimes written about launch parties I’ve held for my children’s science fiction books, and I write about the food and drink served at them. There’s never been a launch quite like this, however! The students of Cambridge University Spaceflight (whom I sometimes call the Rocket Boys, though they include girls) launched my book Dark […]

Revised opinion of Alaskan wild salmon

I did change my mind about the Alaskan wild salmon after I tried more of it. It does take less cooking than the normal salmon. It is chunkier, almost meatier, and seems to have less oil in it. However, it does have a very good taste and texture. I tried some with cucumber slices, lemon […]

South African pinot grigio

Suddenly the shelves are full of South African pinot grigio. Come off it, guys. We all know you do chenin blanc as your white, just as you do pinotage for your red. I thought pinot grigio was what Italy did. Obviously I have to see what this is all about. I chose a bottle of […]

My chicken en croûte

After the Sainsbury’s chicken en croûte, I had to compare it with mine. I rolled puff pastry into rectangles, and browned two free range chicken fillets before putting them onto the pastry. Then came a layer of lean bacon, and finally strips of Emmental cheese. I sealed the pastry and decorated the top. There was […]

Jinling misfortune

Three of us chose two dishes each, and shared them generally, which is usually an excellent method. Strangely enough, this time, the dishes we chose were well below normal standard, with only one of us choosing two decent dishes. We were at the Jinling Noodle Bar, near the Corn Exchange in Cambridge. I chose jelly […]

Pasta lunch

I made a very straightforward pasta lunch using Italian farfalle (bow-tie) pasta by De Lecco. I dropped it into vigorously boiling salted water and kept it going for 12 minutes. I made a cheese sauce with semi-skimmed goat’s milk, cornflour, and pieces of mature cheddar cheese melted in once the basic sauce was made. I […]

Salmon Penne

Another meal enjoyed in Greece was this Salmon Penne pasta with salmon eggs on top. There is little to say about this generally well-known classic dish “creamy salmon pasta”, it was very nice, very filling and quite cheap, washed down with a lovely 4 Euro pitcher of finest wine.

Greek Octopus

I was on holiday in Ermioni, mainland Greece. Everyday we would walk past restaurants with octopuses hanging outside them drying in the sun. Eventually I realised that I had to try this local delicacy, even if just to prove that the locals were wrong and over-rating the power of the octopus. For 9 Euros I […]

Chop House delights

The wine was Norte Chico Merlot from Chile in 2007, and a decent 13 percent. It was, characteristically, mostly plummy, and went very well with all the food, which were served in sensibly-sized portions, which I always prefer to feeling under-fed or certainly over-stuffed. I started with smoked venison, which came on a light bed […]

Delicious Carluccio’s Dining

The restaurant creates a very Italian air, with full Italian names for the dishes in the menu, and really good food, for which, of course, Italy is famous. We drank a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Umani Ronchi, grown along the Adriatic Coast. It was 13% and from 2007, with an appropriately fruity body, and an almost smokey […]

Barbecue wine

Which wine to serve with a meaty barbecue? There were two types of sausages, burgers made from minced lamb (nothing added, just pressed together by hand). There were skewers of green, yellow and red peppers with mushroom, onion and tomato, and skewers of prawns with tuna and salmon fishcakes for the non-meat-eaters. I went for […]