Seafood in Corsica

I went to Corsica on the ferry from Nice which takes about 3 hours on the fast boats. The trip did not go as planned, because the excursion I bought a ticket for didn´t exist, and the ferry went to Ile de Rousse instead of Calvi. However, I improvised by taking a train from the […]

Back to Le Quai

I decided to try Le Quai again, since I´d had such a good lunch there last time. I found afterwards that I´d ordered exactly the same meal that I had the last time, and enjoyed it just as much. I began with the courgette and aubergine fritters (completely delicious), and went on to the coley […]

Horses for courses

I never did find out what Lunel meant (name of restaurant); I must ask them next time I pass. Anyway, it was a late lunch (2.30) on the harbour at Nice, and something simple was called for. The wine was a Lou Castelas Provence rose (´07, 13 percent), and pretty adequate it proved to be […]

Scampi at Cafe Bay

Cafe Bay was a lot more crowded than it was when I photographed it next morning. At 9 pm it was full, and becoming more so. We dined outside, watching the occasional sleek tram glide past us. I did a quick table count and confirmed that rose wine is indeed now more popular than white. […]

Morning refreshment

I´d never think of drinking before noon in Britain, except coffee and tea, of course, but the French tradition is different. One often sees people sitting at the outside tables whiling away time over a small beer or a pernod. On a hot day in Nice, if was pleasant to sit at a ´degustation´ bar […]

Breakfast in the Hotel Perouse

I´ve been staying at the Hotel Perouse in Nice. It´s right on the rocky cliff where the bay turns into the harbour, partly built into the rock face kitself. There´s a strange lift system that takes you right up through the cliff to floor one, and a second lift to take you up the the […]

It finished with an orange

There have been reports (including one in the Times) that sales of oranges in the UK are declining year by year because people find it too time-consuming to peel them, and generally make a mess of it anyway. I had this thought in mind as I bought an orange for my dessert, but first came […]

This might be too sweet

I have two bottles of Jacob Bernhardt sekt halbtrocken rosé to try sometime. The term “halbtrocken” means “half-dry,” and is used for wines with 9-18 gms of residual sugar. All of which means that it will be way too sweet for my tastes, as most German wines seem to be. It will be a pity […]

Good choice of Jinling

It was almost an afterthought, but it was cool and pleasant on a humid evening and most outside tables in Cambridge were taken. The tiny Jinling offers mostly Chinese oriental dishes. We started with grilled meat dumplings with nicely soft pastry, and fried squid, nothing like the rubbery stuff that some places serve. This had […]

Very English

Fish and chips, one of England’s original fast foods (along with that snack invented by the Earl of Sandwich). It’s tasty, and packed with protein and energy for growing children, though many adults have to limit the frequency with which they eat it, given a high fat content in the batrer and the chips. Yet […]

Pita pockets

It’s an easy, tasty second breakfast or lunch. Split a pita round and toast lightly. Carefully insert a broad-bladed knife to separate the halves up to the edges, making a pocket. Then in goes light mayonnaise on both sides, chopped Romaine lettuce, halved Vittoria cherry vine tomatoes, and finally blue cheese – in this case […]