Strange names

I suppose everyone does it. You visit another country and laugh at the strange names they put on their food. Dairy shelves in France often feature La Vache Qui Rit (the laughing cow), which is fair enough, I suppose, and only slightly different from the line they used to put on Carnation evaporated milk, “from […]

Thai time

The great thing about the Sala Thong is that you can go for a fairly quick meal if you’re lucky enough to get a table, confident in the knowledge that it will also be a tasty and satisfying meal. There were four of us, and we were lucky. We all had different things so we […]

El Bulli on top

In case you missed it, El Bulli on Spain’s Costa Brava came top again of Restaurant magazine’s 2008 San Pellegrino awards. Closer than ever, but still second was the Fat Duck, where we at anotherfoodblog celebrated our second anniversary. And Gordon Ramsay’s Royal Hospital Road, where we celebrated our first anniversary last year, jumped 11 […]

Well-displayed fruit

On some market stalls the stuff is just piled up, presumably to make it look plentiful and low-priced. This is not true of the street stall laid out near Cambridge’s Grafton Centre shopping mall. The fruit is carefully arranged and individually cleaned and polished as one sees on markets in France and other countries. It […]

James Street for Massis

It is 18 months since I ate at Massis in London’s James Street, quite near Marylebone. I’d been with friends to a champagne reception held in the rooms of the Wallace Collection, where I met the playwright Tom Stoppard, among others. Afterwards we sauntered down James Street and I remembered Massis, a Lebanese restaurant close […]

Rachel’s yoghurts

Rachel’s Organic is a brand I’ve been seeing more and more of in supermarkets recently, and I’m growing to love her yoghurts. Of particular favour are the individual youghurts – plain, with fruit mixed in – that I often enjoy as part of a healthy packed lunch. I’m not sure I’ve a favourite, although the […]

Madsen’s ploughman’s

There are doubts about the antiquity of the term “ploughman’s lunch,” but few about the combination of bread, cheese and pickle. Ploughing was done in winter months, when fresh vegetables and green salad would not be available, but when the traditional ingredients would. My lunch was not quite traditional. Clockwise from top are pieces of […]

Fishy pie

I wanted an unchallenging dinner that could cook slowly whilst I got on with things, and settled on a pie. First, I made a pastry from butter, plain flour, and a little water to bind along with dried chives (for recipe fantatics, I suggest following Delia’s recipe for ‘quick flaky pastry.’) In a pan on […]

Carluccio’s in Cambridge

The Apple store in the new Grand Arcade is the shop with real buzz to it, full of people playing with cool iMacs and iPhones, but the place for food and drink nearby is undoubtedly Carluccio’s. It’s a combination of shop, café and restaurant, with mostly Italian foodstuffs on show. It has goodies in tins […]

Eating my greens

Spring greens to be precise. For those who don’t know, they’re a sort of cabbage close to the wild kinds and in some ways a little like kale. I started off by chopping finely a couple of the leaves and gently dry-frying them with garlic and mushrooms. When soft, I stirred these into a white […]

Two strong cheeses

I bought small pieces of them from the deli counter at Sainsbury’s. One was Cathedral City mature cheddar (reviewed here). It’s quite a strong cheddar but mellow, rather than sharp or pungent. In the 1-5 raking of cheddars, it’s rated as a number 4. I liked it a lot, and I see it’s very popular […]

Italian food at Vivaldi

Despite the title, I was actually in Dubai on the last day of my trip. I had been recommended this Italian restaurant in the Sheraton Dubai Creek hotel, and as I had an hour to spare, decided to give it a try for lunch. The tables on the veranda looked good, but at over 100F […]