Anatidae rotundum

Anatidae rotundum… the latin term, perhaps, for that rare beast: the Fat Duck. The tasting menu was, certainly, an entertaining work of art, with some very delicious dishes; however, I couldn’t help but try to work out some of the magic behind the dishes, with a view to reverse engineering them. Some dishes are – […]

Efes Turkish

Situated on King Street in Cambridge, Efes restaurant serves Turkish cuisine, with its open grill in full view in the middle of the room. It specializes in grilled meats, and is reckoned by locals to offer very good value. It’s usually busy, so it’s as well to book. I began with taramasalata, which I’ve not […]

Salmon pancakes

I made some pancakes, crèpes style, for my second breakfast. I ate them with the last of the mandarin marmalade. There was enough batter left for a few more, so I cooked them and set them to one side. For lunch I put chunks of salmon fillet into each, sprinkled lemon juice and black pepper, […]

New d’Arry’s dishes

I was with a vegetarian (who eats fish) at d’Arry’s wine shop and was agreeably surprised to see how much choice there was. He began with the tempura dipping mushrooms with a sweet chili dip and a yoghurt mint and cucumber dip, and declared them excellent. Then came their famous fish pie, with monkfish, prawns […]


I was hungry, and wanted something filling that would cook whilst I conducted a little bike maintainence. I started off by heating up milk, cornflour, and cheddar cheese very slowly in one pan. On a much hotter hob, I started to fry a thinly sliced red onion – adding a splash of water when it […]

The Fat Duck

It looks like an ordinary village street at dusk, but this one is in Bray, and that cream coloured cottage is in fact a restaurant. Not just any restaurant, but the legendary Fat Duck of Heston Blumenthal. Some of the team at anotherfoodblog went there for our second anniversary. Two who couldn’t make it back […]

Thoroughly fascinating

I was surprised by how often tea was used as a complement to the various different courses at the Fat Duck. It came in jelly form, often tiny cubes about half a centimetre per side and notably dark brown, as from tea stewed for a long time. Taking a look at the website shows you […]

Grilled salmon

Firstly, I put some brown rice on to cook. I then prepared a salad of thinly sliced raw carrots, radishes, and cherry tomatoes. I left it to faux-marinate in salt and black pepper. The salmon went under a hot grill for about 10-15 minutes, without anything on it: it came out well-cooked and with a […]

Not the madeira…

But it was very tasty stuff. I was pleasantly surprised to see this Grant Burge offered on the menu of a local bar. It was a Cabernet-Shiraz blend from 2003, which I sipped whilst listening to the live jazzy music at La Raza in Cambridge, the music as top-form as this glass of red. There […]

Kiwi Cocktail

What can be done with over-ripe kiwis? After toying with the idea of a sorbet, I decided a drink was a more appropriate way forward. I mashed half a kiwi with about a teaspoon of granulated sugar to get a pulp. This is then mixed with bitter lemon to near-fill a glass. In then go […]

Barbecued meats

As I was passing along Wilton Road near Victoria Station, I saw that where once there was “Chopstix Exchange” at number 73 is now the “Peking Duck.” The menu looked interesting, so I tried it out on my next visit to the area. The first page of their menu features barbecued meats, which seems to […]

A quick sparkler

I paid under five pounds for this slightly special bottle of Cava. It was a 2005 amongst a group of 2006 bottles, and I suspect a mistaken inclusion. Being a little older, it was, I hope, more interesting to drink despite its relatively low 11.5% alcohol level. It was certainly brut, as labelled, and very […]