Food for change

I didn’t touch it, and I’m not sure anyone else did, but it’s good to see the spirit of change is alive and well in the canteen of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory. On the menu today was Lamb Chop Reform. I’m not quite sure what to make of this… but I can’t help but see the […]

Clementine Marmalade

I had an excess of clementines, and a deficit of marmalade: it seemed like a simple solution…! I juiced the clementines, and heated the juice in a pan with water. I chopped the skin in a variety of sizes for added texture, and boiled the whole mixture till the skin was soft. I added sugar […]

Croque monsieur

This is Sam Stern’s version, and he’s right – you do see it in many places in France. Nigella does a bake version, but that has to be steeped in eggs overnight. This is faster. While the grill is heating up, I spread two slices of wholemeal bread; butter if you like, but I used […]

Cambridge Winter Ale Festival

The little brother of the third-biggest beer festival in the country, Cambridge CAMRA’s Winter Ale Festival takes place at the end of January in the University Social Club. I volunteered to work on the bars on the Friday evening, and all day on the Saturday. My friday was spent on the Cider bar, serving a […]

Butternut squash and blue cheese

I served my pumpkin soup to start with. Ever since Jackie wrote about making Nigella’s blue cheese and butternut squash, I’ve been longing to try it for myself. I made it, but removed the skin, following her comments. It is very easy. I halved the squash and peeled it, then cut it into roughly 1 […]

Grilled black tiger shrimps

I was staying in the Hamburg Marriott again with work, and after a long sauna checked out the bar for dinner. Over a cool Bitburger pils I ruled out burger and chips as it lacked excitement and would likely be too filling. There was a selection of tapas, but most were based on cheese rather than meat, […]

A two trout day

Thai fish curry Originally uploaded by dynamist. The first trout I cooked simply, in hot oil and with lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper. This may be the very best way to eat it. But I wanted to play around, so the second trout went into a Thai fish soup I made […]

Pierre’s French burger

Pierre’s French burger Originally uploaded by dynamist. When I saw this French burger on the blog of domestic maven Martha Stewart, I had to try it. It’s a recipe from her chef Pierre, and it looked so good that I jumped up from my seat and made my first go at it then and there. […]

Sunday night curry extravaganza

I started off by putting cloves, garlic, peppercorns, chilli and bay leaves in a low oven for about 15 minutes to toast lightly. These then went in a blender with ginger, turmeric, paprika, cumin, corriander, tomato puree and water. Diced stewing beef then marinated in this mixture for 5-or-so hours. When the time came to […]

Rather good leftover soup

Not all the stir-fry chicken and vegetables was eaten, but there was not enough left for a serving. Maybe a soup was called for. I put it into a boiling half pint of chicken stock, and cubed a couple of slices of pre-cooked potatoes I also had left over. Then I added a big spoonful […]

Stir-fry chicken and beans

Nigella calls it “Rib-sticking stir-fry,” which is an exaggeration, but it is easy, fast and appetizing. I used the rest of my roast chicken pieces instead of cooking from raw; it seemed a good way to use it up. I used about half a can of cannellini beans, and I used a South African chardonnay […]