Mini mince pies

Instead of the normal mince pies we have had at Christmas for as long as I can remember, this year we bought a mini mince pie selection from Waitrose. They come in a pack of twelve, and are made with a soft shortcrust pastry. Each has mincemeat at the bottom, but on top you can […]

Fisherman’s pie revisited

Hmm. What do you do with leftover fisherman’s pie? As I said, I only ate a third of it, and put the rest in two pieces into the freezer. It occurred to me that a fisherman’s pie contains much the same ingredients as a fishcake – assorted seafood and mashed potatoes. All right, there’s that […]

Buraki crab salad

Buraki crab salad Originally uploaded by dynamist. I had a few notions about how to improve upon the wasabi crab salad (another Nigella Express recipe) we had for Christmas. My last day in London seemed a good time to try them out. As stipulated, I mixed a dressing of two tablespoons mirin (sweet Japanese rice […]


Santa obviously knows I like my cheese, and was kind enough to deposit with me a Fortnum and Mason stilton jar. Stilton jars seem to be this years’ hit item for cheese lovers, and pop up everywhere. Madsen, ahead of the game, had one last year. Inside the ceramic jar, creamy stilton is trapped under […]

A little Indian

I don’t often eat Indian food, so it was quite a novelty to be served it. It started with onion bhajis brought by one of the other guests. He’d made them with fried onions, flour (often chickpea), and some spices and herbs. They’re all mixed into a batter and shallow fried, rather like drop scones. […]

Mayonnaise with seaweed

Mayonnaise with seaweed Originally uploaded by dynamist. My friend Claire makes a fast mayonnaise, to which she adds herbs and other flavours. Today, it was garlic and tarragon. I also added a couple of heaping tablespoons of nori seaweed flakes. They have no flavour, but lots of nutrients. Nori also gives a great dash of […]


After a train journey back to Cambridge – some two hours late, due to the gross incompetence of all train companies involved – I was hungry, and wanted something quick and easy. There wasn’t much food in the fridge or freezer, so into a pan I threw frozen sliced mushrooms and peas. After a little […]

Another fisherman’s pie

This one had cod and salmon cut into chunks, and king prawns. I added mushrooms and onion fried in olive oil, and freshly chopped thyme and rosemary, then black pepper. The sauce I made with home-made fish stock, milk and cornflour, but this time I used freshly mashed potatoes. I boiled two of them for […]

Plum in chocolate

I was given some Polish confectionary – Sliwka Iuksusowa w czekoladzie, or plum in chocolate. They come individually wrapped in a box, and are very pleasant. They are not too sweet, but have a distinct ‘back’ taste which I like. The ingredients say they’re about two-thirds plum, which doesn’t surprise me. I compared them with […]

Otter Bright

Otter Bright, from Devon’s Otter Brewery, was a pleasant drnk to enjoy whilst watching yet more Christmas telly. Bright beers, as distinct from the more standard ales available, have had all of the yeast and sendiment totally filtered off. As a result, they have a wonderful golden colour and light taste. Otter Bright was hoppy […]

More leftovers…

A leg of the goose, served cold with a slice of the meat, was ideal for a leftover salad. The rest of the cooked potato, cubed with chopped spring onions and mayonnaise, made a potato salad. Then lettuce, green, red, & yellow peppers, onions and mushroom in just a little Caesar dressing accompanied it. Oh […]

Nutty bleu cheese butternut squash

Christmas dinner Originally uploaded by dynamist. I’m in London for the holidays, and have been avoiding the computer at all costs in favour of real relaxation. That has included consuming some of the best food I’ve had all year. This has been one of the best dishes, and one of the simplest, courtesy of Nigella […]