Jumbo prawns fried with lots of garlic, some black pepper and salt. Lightly covered with mayonnaise and served in romaine lettuce leaves. A tasty light lunch…

Koto II, Grange City hotel

I was back in London for a couple of days with work, and stayed in the rather nice Grange City hotel near Fenchurch Street station. It was raining outside so I dined in the hotel. There were several restaurants to choose from, but given my preference for Asian cuisine, opted for the Japanese one called Koto II. Koto […]

Veuve Clicquot tasting

I was unexpectedly invited to a Veuve Clicquot tasting. Fortunately, I had nothing planned for the next two hours, so along I went. There were six different wines on offer, from their standard yellow label up to a vintage 1999. Some of the wines were rather too sweet for my liking, as I tend to […]

A Plough’s lunch for a man?

A recent lab group trip took us to the Plough at Coton for lunch. A short trip out to this little village just outside Cambridge took us to the only pub in the village – now a swanky gastropub. The bar is well stocked, in terms of wine and champagnes, and the beers are well-kept […]

Hard(l)y a bad price…

Currently on half price at £3.99 this Cabernet Sauvignon is rather good value. Take into account the further 25% off that Sainsburys is offering on all wine purchases of 6 bottles or more and you end up with a bottle of wine around the £3 instead of it’s regular £7.99. Weighing in at 13.5% it packs a punch without being […]

Liver and cheesecake at the RAC

The Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall is in the fine tradition of London’s best clubs. It has an imposing entrance, magnificent pillared galleries, and a fantastic swimming pool. I dined in the Brooklands Room, whose walls are adorned with giant oil paintings. I decided to have courses 2 and 3 instead of 1 and […]

Big Apple hotel supper

On the F train Originally uploaded by dynamist. One of my favorite meals last week in New York was probably the simplest: Sushi from Whole Foods, eaten in my hotel room after a very, very long day. Dessert was a plum and a soft, chewy vegan chocolate chip cookie from Boston Cookies (also purchased at […]

Tarted-up tomato soup

Instant soup from a packet – just what’s needed once in a blue moon for a quick, warm precursor to a lunch. This was Bachelor’s Mediterranean tomato. When I added the boiling water and stirred, it was a bright, unnatural orange colour. I put it on the stove and added two spoons of basic chopped […]

Stowells from France

Wikipedia assures me that it’s also known as Ermitage Blanc in Switzerland, but this wine called it Marsanne. It was its second grape after Chardonnay and apparently, this is an unusual blend. Described on the bottle as dry, crisp and fruity, and 12.5%, I have to agree, although they happen in bizarre parts of the […]

Tas on The Cut

Tas offers quality Turkish food on The Cut, a street near London’s Waterloo Station. I hadn’t intended to go there, but the target place had been pretty well filled by a large party, and Tas was nearby. I noticed that the street’s restaurants divided into those that were crowded and those that were empty (and […]

Something fishy…

Maybe my judgement; call me crazy, but I reckon I can taste the sea in this wine. Les Foncanelles, 2006, made from Vermentino (a new one to me, but often grown facing the sea) and Chardonnay from the south of France has tones of the seaside in the nose and body. There’s also rubber on […]

The happiest hour

My fudz Originally uploaded by dynamist. There are a few restaurants in Cincinnati which do ridiculously inexpensive happy hour menus. I’m talking half pound cheeseburgers with thick cut chips for $1.95. Convert that to sterling and it’s just this side of impossible. And these are not greasy spoons either, but higher end establishments where you’d […]