Spice Plaza

What I ate today Originally uploaded by dynamist. This is our local Indian restaurant in West Hampstead, and the restaurant we have patronised most (with the Banana Tree Canteen coming a close second). We returned on Monday night for a farewell meal, as I was to leave London the next day for another month. It […]

Fishmarket in the Great Eastern Hotel

Three of us met at Boisdale of Bishopsgate in London’s financial district, then walked across the road to the Fishmarket restaurant a few yards down the street. It’s a Terence Conran restaurant in the Great Eastern Hotel near Liverpool Street Station, and certainly looks the part. There’s a stylish champagne bar just off the street, […]

Another cheap ‘un

And this time, it shows. Normally, I’m a great fan of Australian Chardonnays, but this one was severely lacking in the usual buttery, complex qualities that I’ve come to expect. Of course, it was only about £3 and is one of those that has the Sainsbury’s brand on it, which usually means cheaper (and can […]

Breaking my curry fast

I hardly ever eat curry. I never eat it when I’m out, and I never cook it at home. I used to when I was a student, regarding it as a good way of using cheap cuts of meat, but not since, not until now. I thought I’d better use fairly good ingredients so I […]

Easy option

I almost never buy frozen food (apart from sorbet), but couldn’t resist the sui mai pork dumplings from my local Thai supermarket. There were no fresh ones, so frozen it was. I didn’t have much time, so if all I had to do was steam them so as they turn out like the photo on […]

Easy lamb

I’d intended to eat out, but when I tried to book the restaurant said they could only give me a table at either 6.30pm or 9.00pm, but not at 7.30pm. It wasn’t that they didn’t have a table, just that they would only let me book it for those times. This is always a very […]

French toast

What I ate today Originally uploaded by dynamist. Watching some guilty pleasure TV on Sunday night (Wife Swap, if you must know), I saw some children cooking French toast for their breakfast. This is how suggestible I am: As soon as the show was over, I made French toast for supper. Sadly, I decided to […]

Courgette, leek, and Nori seaweed

What I ate today Originally uploaded by dynamist. I strongly suggest not telling people that there is seaweed in this until they have been greedily munching away for a few minutes. Chop the white bit of a large leek. Slice the white bits of a few spring onions. Cook together over medium heat until soft. […]

Big day out wines

With the dinner, we had wines from Chateau Franc Patarabet from the years of 2004, 2001, 2000 and 1928. It was thoroughly fascinating to compare them. It’s called ‘vertical tasting’ when you stick with the same chateau or region and compare years. All of these wines were silky smooth, exuding class through texture and their […]

A theme for the week

What I ate today Originally uploaded by dynamist. Okay, perhaps not a theme, or even a pattern, but: I had two very nice dishes this week which incorporated spinach, walnuts, and blue cheese. The first was a pasta dish from ASK in the King’s Road. What seemed to be handmade tubes of pasta were tossed […]

A stunning lemon-raspberry shortbread tart

I made that shortbread tart Jackie recommended, and it was sensational! Jackie’s tips helped a lot. For example, I didn’t use my pan with the detachable base that fills the oven with burnt butter! I didn’t have a Springform pan, so I used a metal pie-dish, covering the base with a circle of baking parchment, […]