Light dinner – one

After going to a wedding this past weekend and eating more than I normally would, I have decided to make lighter dinners for the next couple of days. This evening was omelette, but not simply with melted cheese as I often make it. I started by pan-frying half a red pepper finely chopped, a few sliced baby […]

Grand Marnier liqueur

My favourite liqueur is Grand Marnier, created by Louis-Alexandre Lapostolle. It starts with a blend of fine cognacs aged in oak barrels. Then Caribbean Citrus Bigaradia oranges, grown on the family’s plantations, are harvested while their peel is still green to concentrate their aroma. The peels are dried in the sun and distilled slowly. The […]

My first homemade coleslaw

My first homemade coleslaw Originally uploaded by dynamist. Well, this was easy. You can buy bags of pre-chopped coleslaw vegetables – white cabbage and carrot – in the grocery store here. Of course, they can be added to soups or stir-fries, but the obvious use is for homemade slaw. I totally winged this. I mixed […]

A flop

I felt the knead (ho ho) to make some bread the other day, so I set about it with my usual recipe, very similar to Delia’s. Unfortunately, for some reason which I can’t determine, my bread didn’t rise at all! I think perhaps the yeast had gone off (it was quite old) or perhaps my […]

Fish and chips at D’Arry’s

It started with potato scallops with a gruyère fondue to dip them in. It’s been years since I encountered potato scallops, as opposed to sauté potatoes or those oven-baked in butter. They were nice, though, and unpeeled, giving them texture and taste. The main course was fish and chips, though of course they didn’t call […]

Rare snackages

Much like my blog entries, some of the best things are those that only come up now and again. And much like my entries I feel the need to somehow take things down a peg or two. Let me now present to you one of my favourite little snackets. Quails eggs on pringles (the pringles […]

James and the summer pudding

Summer pudding is not difficult to make, but completely delicious. It consists of summer berries cooked briefly (to keep them fresh) and left overnight in a bowl with bread slices. Yes, that’s white bread slices. There are many recipes, like the BBC one and Delia’s version. The flavour of the fruit diffuses through, and you […]

Graduate dinner at Gonville and Caius

Crucially, it’s pronounced “Gonville and Keys,” or shortened to “Keys.” I was there for a graduate dinner, held in the gallery above the main dining hall where the undergraduates in the body of the hall worshipped the dons at the high table. We started with Angas Brut, an Australian sparkler made like champagne from chardonnay […]

My newspaper food debut

Me in Cin Weekly Originally uploaded by dynamist. Cin Weekly is a newspaper here in Cincinnati. An editor there recently asked me if I would make a recipe for the paper, and I was more than happy to agree. Click here to read the piece, which originally included two other food-related questions I had posed […]


Reading about Jackie’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches set me thinking about bread. I rarely buy loaves, sliced or unsliced, and never, ever, buy sliced white bread! I use sliced bread in sandwiches, such as salmon and cucumber, but it’s always brown or wholemeal. I was once told by a house decorator that they use […]

PB&J: An American classic

PB&J Originally uploaded by dynamist. Here’s something I’ve eaten a lot of since I’ve been in Cincinnati: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. (If you’re British, you probably just shuddered and went quite cold.) When I was a kid, our PB&J came on what Nigella Lawson refers to as ‘plastic’ white bread. Wonder Bread was our […]

Look, ma, no blender!

I have a thing about bananas: I can’t eat them once they have shown even a bit of softness or brown flecks on their skin. (I have a similar aversion to apples which aren’t hard and crisp to the point of inducing bleeding from the gums.) But I can drink them. I don’t have a […]