Pub grub

Standard pub fare at the Mitre included fish cakes with salad for me. It came with a creamy tartare sauce. The service was excellent, with the food arriving within five minutes of it being ordered. We had a bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Chardonnay with it. It was from 2006, 14% and was oaked […]

Lunch at the Cutler’s Hall

I was actually a guest of the Wax Chandlers, but while their own hall is refurbished, the lunch was served at the Cutlers’ Hall instead. The reception to meet a few members and other guest was over large glasses of a deliciously dry but unidentified sherry. The first course was fantastic: it was open ravioli […]

Lindeman’s Tollana

From Victoria in Australia, this Semillon Chardonnay mix from 2005 went very well with smoked salmon and subsequently steamed vegetables and lean sausages. It’s quite astonishing how difficult it is to find seriously lean sausages in British supermarkets, but with effort, it can be done. The wine was 13% and had a screwcap, which is […]

Chocolate blueberries

After a few comments on blueberries I mused aloud how they’d taste covered in dark chocolate. I found out. I recall from childhood a clip of sweet centres moving on a wire rack through a wall of molten chocolate, but I don’t have that kind of equipment. What I did was to melt some dark […]

A not-so secret secret

I was asked at dinner last night how I get my chicken to be so moist and tender. (As a teenager, I never thought I would become the sort of woman who would thrill to be asked such a thing, but really, I could have wept with pride.) I have always soaked my chicken pieces […]

Cider then bed

Even before checking, I could tell this was seriously strong stuff. Clocking in at 7.5%, this ‘Special Reserve’ Crone’s cider is high-value and organic, if you’re into that sort of thing. I drank it at the Salisbury Arms, near the train station. It tasted extremely appley, as you’d expect from an organic concoction, although it […]

Not funny Ha! Ha!

I used to quite like the Ha! Ha! Bar in Cambridge before it healed up. The food was OK, and the same applies to the one off Victoria Street. I thought the one near Charing Cross at 6 Villiers Street would be similar. Oh dear. My companion described the meal as “dire,” with fish fingers […]

Cincinnati Supper Club

Cincinnati Supper Club: First dinner Originally uploaded by dynamist. Within a couple of days of arriving in Cincinnati, I felt the urge to start a structured but informal group whose members would take turns hosting an evening meal once a month. The only problem was, I didn’t know a soul in this city. Then this […]

Cocktail city 2

The Snug is a beautiful little bar near the Fitzwilliam Museum, with very traditional decoration and an excellent cocktail list. It’s been non-smoking since inception, apart from the outdoor tables, but you get the impression non-smokers just don’t mind (particularly in the winter). The staff make cocktails very well, but in a relaxed, non-showy style […]

Return to Jindalle

The Jindalle in Panton Street is very close to Piccadilly and Leicester Square, and well placed for an evening which includes movies or theatre. The style is Korean, but there are other oriental dishes on offer. Each table features a recessed grill on which the food is cooked. Between the three of us we ordered […]

Gimme Lean burritos

I like experimenting with fakery in the kitchen. By that I mean that any product which is supposed to mimic meat, dairy, or wheat-loaded ingredients will probably get a spin from me, providing it is not horrendously expensive. My latest experiment was with ground beef-style Gimme Lean. The first item listed in its ingredients is […]

Cocktail city 1

As with various other human necessities such as eating, clothing and communication, drinking has become something of an art form. It’s always magnificent fun to watch cocktail waiters throwing bottles and shakers around with the skill of circus performers. I thought I’d share a few of my favourite places in Cambridge that do this. For […]