Different beers, different ideas

I have a selection of friends all of whom enjoy the odd beer. It always amazes me to discover just how differently each of us views beer, however. For example, I mostly prefer a lager, but I know several people who laugh at lager drinkers as though they’re an underclass compared with ‘real ale’. I’ve […]

Dumplings revisited

After a not so successful first attempt at fried dumplings, I gave them another go. This time I decided to buy the small pancakes rather than make them myself, and it made everything a lot easier. I went with my girlfriend to the excellent ‘Oriental City’ in Colindale, north-west London, and we bought 20 small pancakes in […]

Chicken paprika

It was nice. I put lean, skinless chicken breasts into a greased casserole dish. Into a stove top pan I put chopped onions, then aubergine, red, yellow & green peppers, mushrooms, and courgettes. I added half a pint of chicken stock, a few squeezes of black pepper and cayenne pepper, then a liberal dose of […]

Cream of spinach and mushroom soup

The fun of cooking for my friend Cathy in Los Angeles continues. Unfortunately, Cathy is unwell and needs to gain some weight. You know what this means? Cream and butter ahoy! I made another simple soup which will serve as a starter for our dinner tonight, and this is one which definitely improves with the […]

Leaving party

My housemate Peter (the recent anotherfoodblog celebrity) will soon be moving to Dublin to start work with Google. In celebration of this fine achievement, he hosted a party on Saturday night to enjoy a final farewell to most of his university friends. It was a great party with lots of fun personalities, probably somewhat helped […]

Oscar dinner

I’m in Los Angeles visiting my friend, the journalist Cathy Seipp, for a few days. We watched the Oscars yesterday (which is still today for me) with some friends, and it was quite bizarre to have them on the television when it was still quite light outside. Actually, it was quite bizarre to have them […]

Cocoa on the brain

I was intrigued by last week’s news about cocoa. Apparently hot cocoa is enriched with flavinols which can boost brain power and combat heart disease and cancer. A Nottingham University team found that cocoa increases blood supply to the thinking part of the brain. This suggests it might improve brain function in those suffering some […]

Crocus and smoked bacon

Spring is in the air. The mornings are lighter, and the fields at the back of Trinity College are a purple blaze of crocus plants. I didn’t eat any of them, though I watched a moorhen contentedly nibbling on them. I had something different in mind for lunch. It was a smoked ‘bacon’ I picked […]

Dinner chez Gerard

Although I’ve never met Gerard personally. I started with an excellently smoked salmon and crayfish salad. I couldn’t quite work out what wood the salmon was smoked with, then I remembered other smoked meats I’ve eaten and decided it was oak-smoked. After it I moved on to a dish of mussels in a thick and […]

The meal not eaten

On my way home from Paris on Eurostar the meal looked so tempting. But the lunch had been so good and so filling… The ‘cold option’ was roast beef with a red wine sauce and a winter vegetable salad. The ‘hot option’ was the one I would have gone for. “Traditional Languedoc fish pie with […]