Weak week for food.

This week has been very stressful. Those of you who read my blog will know I helped organise an event with Sir Ian Blair, I managed to eat 10 chicken nuggets that day. Drank too much red bull and got generally stressed. Additionally this week is the first week of campaigning for student union elections, and […]

Norma’s, Le Parker Meridien, NYC

Fruit (and orchid!) salad at Norma’s, Le Parker Meridien, NYC Originally uploaded by dynamist. You know, once you’ve been served fruit salad with an orchid artfully arranged in the middle of it, it is very hard to eat just plain fruit salad. Something seems to be missing without an exotic bloom rearing its fragrant head […]

Oh the Wolseley and the Ivy

Circumstances took me in quick succession to two of London’s very fashionable restaurants. I had dinner at the Wolseley, and lunch at the Ivy. Both have an agreeable décor, and both a lively buzz of in-crowd enjoyment. Both are quite pricey, too, but with a very high standard of food and service. At the Wolseley […]

Fitou 2005

From the Réserve de la Condamine, the year 2005 and more recently, the reduced shelf at Sainsbury’s (£2.99), this was a surprisingly thoroughly enjoyable French wine. The grapes are sourced in the surrounding village of Tuchan, and they’re a blend of Carignan, Grenache and Syrah. The spiciness of the Syrah certainly came through and the […]

Best wedding cake ever

Originally uploaded by dynamist. I have firm views on wedding cake, primarily that fruitcake as wedding cake is just plain wrong. I know this is the imperialist American in me, but the fact is that there is no beating a classic white wedding cake. Or so I thought until this past weekend. My best friend […]

BCT quiche

I often include onions, peppers and mushrooms in a quiche, but this one was different. I pre-cooked the pastry for 12 minutes to make it crisper, then put into it grated mozzarella cheese, fried bacon, and chopped plum tomatoes from a can. I whisked an egg with half a mug of hot goat’s milk and […]

Squid ratatouille

I bought some squid rings from my local supermarket as they were very fresh and a lot less expensive than I expected. Initially I planned to eat them battered, but the healthier option was to serve with vegetables. I started by removing the inside of two tomatoes and then cutting the outer part into small […]

Tarted up tomato soup

An extra course was needed in a hurry. I used a packet of Mediterranean tomato soup with half a pint of boiling water. Then I tarted it up with the liquid from a tin of plum tomatoes, plus one of the tomatoes chopped up, plus some basil and black pepper. The rest of the plum […]

Moncaro at Zizzi

This bottle of Moncaro 2005 was bought in a restaurant, so its £11.95 price tag is a bit distorted. However, it was a good wine and surprisingly, Zizzi‘s house white in Cambridge, made from the Trebbiano grape. It came in at 11.5% with a faint nose of farmyards and melons. The body had a hint […]

Burns night haggis

Actually it was the night after Jan 25th, but I did serve haggis. I decided that mashed potatoes and turnips are somewhat dull and unappetizing, so my haggis was served with boiled new potatoes, and stir-fried vegetables – peppers, mushrooms, courgettes and purple onion. They were sweet and delicious. Onto the haggis I poured a […]

Farache 2005

This was a good Tempranillo. Cosecha and 13%. It had a very fruity nose – lots of berries and currants. Once you’ve tasted it and it’s developed in your mouth a bit, it’s quite mellow; it’s not sharp at all. The finish was quite tannic and otherwise faded from the main flavours. I drank it […]

Peppery sausage hotpot

The combination of a little freshly ground black pepper and some cayenne pepper can add warmth to dishes, and turn the ordinary into the tasty. I made a sausage hotpot with lots of vegetables. The sausages were pork and chestnut, wild boar, and duck. I fried a few slices of each, halved, with no oil. […]