Currently I usually get up at about 7 am and do an hour’s work before breakfast. I make myself porage with semi-skimmed goat’s milk and water. I eat it with maple syrup and have black tea with lemon; then the gym. I go through the motions of exercise pretty well every morning except Mondays or […]

Champagne at Macquarie

Macquarie is a bank which originated in Australia. For this reason, they occasionally invite Australian officials to events at their London headquarters when the officials are in town. I went to one on Monday, on the 35th (top) floor of their building near Liverpool Street Station, within the square mile. Unfortunately, I have terrible vertigo […]

Kazan, Pimlico Turkish

Kazan offers good, traditional Turkish dishes in a two-roomed restaurant at the Victoria end of Pimlico. It is clean and bright, with a big window onto the street, and a Turkish decorated bar at one side. Service is prompt, couteous and efficient. It is very popular, usually crowded, and its prices make it a favourite […]

Three ways with sausage

My boyfriend’s mother, who is currently visiting London (with his father) from their summer home in Provence, bought a huge quantity of British pork sausages. Tonight, I invented a challenge – to cook them all in several different ways – and tackled it head-on. (What can I say? It keeps me off the streets.) First, […]

Croquet and Pimm’s

Once again this summer, I’ve been drinking Pimm’s in a garden of a Cambridge College. This time, Corpus Christi, which has a lovely graduate accommodation centre called Leckhampton. They held their annual croquet competition, in which I was knocked out in my first game (how embarrassing!). The Pimm’s was good, however, served with lemonade, excellent, […]

Cottage Cheese Pasta

For lunch before the football i settled for a Caesar Salad, I wanted something more Hungarian but the heat put me off trying a stew. However after the football and during the F1 Grand Prix I had “Borjúpaprikás túrús csuszaval” which is veil with Hungarian cottage-cheese pasta. A stew without any potato in but with pasta […]

Broccoli, chicken, and pasta casserole

Casseroles are what Brits refer to as bakes, I believe. The word casserole reminds me of being a child, of the kind of food that people would bring round when illness, death, or some other misfortune had struck. You’d think such morbid associations would put me off, and you’d be wrong. In fact, I was […]

Pumpkin chicken

I thought I’d try something totally new. Small pieces of chicken, pan fried first. Then red, yellow and green peppers with mushrooms and sugar snap peas. Finally a pumpkin purée with cinnamon, ginger and a very little nutmeg. I added spinach and black pepper, simmered for about 25 minutes, and served with Basmati rice. On […]

Over the river

The best tables at the Galleria are the ones on a wooden balcony over the river, with Magdalene Bridge just beyond, and the college on the other bank. Your dining is accompanied by the swish of punts gliding by (these are the flat-bottomed boats on the back of which one stands to pole them along […]

Budapest exotic cuisine numero uno:

Last night i had 2 pancaked stuffed with weirdness, sorry i cant remember the name it was 2am and i was shattered. also sorry about any keyboard errors in all future posts, this is an qwertz keyboard – read my rant here entitled “first day in Budapest”. Today I searched Budapest high and low and ate […]

Charles Taylor Wines Ltd

Yesterday’s wine tasting was by Charles Taylor Wines Ltd in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University. It was a Germany tasting and unfortunately, I had only about forty minutes to get round a selection of 25 wines, meaning I ended up sampling only about ten. All German wines tend to be quite sweet, but my favourite […]