About Thyme II

I revisited About Thyme in Wilton Road, London. I used to go there when it was a friendly family Greek restaurant called Psistaria. Now it’s sleek and modern and very cool. I have a very high opinion of this place, justified yet again by a superb lunch. I had warm goat’s cheese and roasted fennel […]

Budapest information?

Today I rose early to get back to Brighton. I ate a ham and cheese toasty on arrival and am now chewing gum… I just booked a one way flight to Budapest in Hungary. If anyone knows anything much about the place I would be grateful for any information! Restaurants, galleries, odd little statues, bizarre […]

Bar 1001.

Tonight I went to Bar 1001 in Brick Lane. It is a most unusual place. On the street they were serving BBQ/outside food in what appeared to be an alleyway. One would be excused for mistaking it as a soup kitchen for the down and out. I waited for my friend outside in the complete confidence […]

New or Old? Good or Bad?

There has been a raging debate for many years over whether New World or Old World wines are better. ‘Old World’ refers to regions that have traditionally made wine, typically European, such as France and Germany. ‘New World’ refers to places that are relatively new to wine-making, such as Australia, America and South Africa. Fortunately, […]

Sink fish

Tonight’s supper was a good, quick one that would come in handy if hob space was scarce: I cooked salmon steaks in the kitchen sink. First I put the salmon into a re-sealable food bag with a good dousing of dark soy sauce, two large spoonfuls of ginger paste, finely minced garlic, and a dash […]

1990 was a good year…

…for the world wide web. It was in 1990 that Sir Tim Berners-Lee published a formal proposal for it which was later widely used, so thanks go to him for this site’s technology. It was also a good year for Bordeaux wines. A good year is mostly determined by the weather, although the presence or absence […]

Easiest ever meal for guests

Last night, my fiancé’s best friend, Tim Evans, came over for dinner with his wife, Helen, and their baby daughter, Petica. I was fairly relaxed about this, because sometimes when we go to their house for dinner, we end up ordering a takeaway; so I knew that, if worse came to worst and I didn’t […]

Cambridge beer festival

Now in its 33rd year, the Cambridge Beer Festival is currently offering hundreds of different ales from a marquee on Jesus Green. Many of them are produced by small breweries, and have names most people have never heard of. It’s always a popular event, where visitors pay a refundable £2 for a commemorative glass, then […]

A Spanish tipple (over)

Eating in La Tasca in Cambridge the other day provided me with the opportunity to try a 2001 Rioja, which is a region of Spain where they use a blend of grapes to create their red wines. In this case, it was made from tempranillo and granacha grapes and was also referred to as ‘crianza’ […]

English cheeses

A colleague tells me that when he was a boy there were only nine English cheeses. Given the numbers and variety today, this seems incredible, but he assures me there were nine. He named: Cheddar, Cheshire, Caerphilly, Gloucester, Lancashire, Leicester, Wensleydale , Derby, and Stilton. The first thing I note about these traditional cheeses is […]

Ebury in the rain

The place I wanted to eat at was booked for a private party, but I remembered the Ebury in Pimlico Road, just a few streets away, and managed to get there without getting wet. I don’t rate the restaurant upstairs, but the downstairs bar area is fun and lively, with excellent food. There’s a seafood […]