Cambridge blossoms

Saturday April 29th I returned to see that Cambridge has blossomed in the spring sunshine. The white blossom is outside the Maypole pub, and the pink stuff is in front of St John’s College. I passed both on the way to dine at the University Centre, whose River Restaurant looks down on the river, meadows, […]


One of my favourite drinks when it’s sunny (warmth is a bonus) is lemonade or limeade with fresh mint. The juice of either of these, plus still water and sugar or Splenda makes a fine drink, but the mint elevates it to another level. I have drunk four large glasses of lemonade with heaps of […]

Kites and mussels

Friday April 28th I’m in Normandy for a few days. Time enough to fly kites from the beach at Cabourg, as many do. Mine was colourful enough, but two teenagers were competing with semi-circular sails big enough to drag them across the sand. After that it was time for moules marinières. Every restaurant here serves […]

Tex-Mex kitchen supper

Thursday night, we had a couple of friends (Brian Micklethwait and Patrick Crozier) round for supper. Brian has a thing about food which resembles in any way a school dinner – by which I mean he does not like that sort of food – so I picked a Tex-Mex menu, as I figured few schools […]

A three fish day

For breakfast, I made myself scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, plus wholemeal toast and strawberries. (One of the perks of my new freelance status is being able to nip to the kitchen at 9.30 – which is much better for breakfast than, say, 7 – and rustle up something like this to eat.) I was […]

Lemon and prawn pasta

Supper tonight was a lemony pasta dish I have made many times before. It is quick to make, but the key is to prepare all of your ingredients while the pasta is cooking, because everything goes in right at the end. While the (wholewheat) fusilli cooked, I grated a bit of Parmesan and the zest […]

Hard cheese

I like most cheeses and eat more of the stuff than is good for me. I like the English hard cheeses, and was pleased to see them making a comeback. Their sales were reported up last year, at the expense of some foreign ones. Alain Guilpain, Tesco’s cheese buyer, said: “Last year demand for our […]

Cheap as chips, but more healthful

Breakfast this morning consisted of two Weetabix, of which I am quite fond, with some semi-skimmed milk. Lunch was a sandwich from Boots in Charing Cross station. I normally stay away from packaged sandwiches, as they’re almost always full of junk, but I was en route to a meeting and distractingly hungry. Plus, I managed […]

Roast beef on St George’s day

Sunday April 23rd St George’s Day. Somehow my usual porage with maple syrup (first breakfast) and croissant with cheese and blueberry jam (second breakfast) didn’t seem to do it justice. I found a place with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding on the lunch menu. It was M A Potter’s, and it was halfway decent. The […]

Pasta with cupboard clam sauce

For Sunday lunch, I made pasta with clam sauce. I’d never cooked with clams before; in fact, I’m not 100 per cent positive I had ever eaten clams before this afternoon. Something to do with having grown up on the beach and being sickened by the quivering wet masses in the pretty shells. The recipe […]